Iglesia de San Francisco

The building of this church was carried out by the foundation of the Duchess of Arcos, Beatriz Pacheco, as a convent for Observant Franciscan Monks. The works began in the early sixteenth century on the site occupied by an ancient chapel dedicated to San Antonio de Padua. In the late seventeenth century it became the college of Propaganda Fide, a mission seminary in Spain, the Philippines and overseas. In 1835, with the exile of Mendizábal, the convent was eliminated but the church continued in existence. The building has a simple façade preceded by an arcade consisting of brick arches resting on marble columns framed by alfices (rectangular moldings). The interior has a central nave and transept topped by a semicircular dome with three annexed chapels of different styles (flamboyant Gothic and Baroque). It is worth highlighting the plinth of Sevillian tiles from the seventeenth century, the sculpture of the Virgin (eighteenth century), an Infant Jesus attributed to La Roldana, and the relief of the Chapel of Souls.


Monday to friday: 11 am – 1 pm / 5 pm – 8 pm

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