María Auxiliadora Church

This convent was built thanks to Isabel de Palacios Espinosa, who wished to found a commerce-free house of friars, because she wanted to bury her family there.

It opened in 1644 and since then, lessons of Art and Theology were given. Its façade, preceded by a small garden, is framed by two pairs of fluted pilasters and in the middle we find the access door, topped with a pediment and a niche that houses a painting of San Juan Bosco with children. The entire assembly appears topped by a belfry.

The floor of this building is rectangular and has a flat roof, whereas the presbytery is quadrangular. The top is headed by an altarpiece coming from the church of San Miguel. Inside several images are preserved, among which stands out the one by San Pedro de Alcántara and the one of the candlestick of the Virgin of Fuensanta, from the sixteenth century.


OPENING HOURS: Free, only façade

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